Elite Transformation is not just what we do, it's who we are.


Dr. Celina has earned the distinction of being selected as a

Top Wellness Coach by Coachfoundation.com

Do these sound familiar?

Struggling to Build a Lucrative & Sustainable Coaching Business?

Many Health Coaches I work with have a struggled with turning their passion of helping others into a profitable business that doesn't take over their life.

They have struggled with getting paid their worth, do not have a clear or a unique value proposition for their coaching business. There is usually a disconnect between setting and achieving financial goals, leading to a cycle of financial instability. This is a main focus at The Elite Transformation Academy as it is foundational to building a sustainable biz.

Experiencing Mindset or Confidence Blocks that are hindering you showing up as a

one-of-a-kind coach?

Many Health Coaches that come to ETA have limiting beliefs around raising their prices, imposter syndrome, or lack the confidence to put themselves out there which has hindered their success. In ETA we focus on overcoming mindset blocks, removing the obstacles holding you back and provide the transformational skills that are crucial for unlocking their full potential as effective coaches and business owners.

Inconsistently Attracting Soulmate Clients or Creating Compelling Offers?

The Health Coaches that apply are facing difficulties in attracting their soulmate clients and/or crafting irresistible coaching program offers. They struggle to stand out in a competitive market and communicate their unique value proposition. This will lead to a decline in revenue and business growth. The Elite Transformation Academy's 1:1 approach solves theses problems quickly so coaches have a sustainable and profitable coaching business in weeks, not years.

The Elite Transformation Academy addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive solutions, 1:1 guidance and coaching that empowers health coaches to build a thriving, impactful, and financially rewarding coaching business.

Sarah was having the same problems until she enrolled at ETA...

"The Elite Transformation Academy revolutionized my coaching approach. It's not just about what I do; it's about who I am as a coach." - Sarah D.

Emma transformed her coaching program and is fully booked out even after raising her program pricing by 1000%!

"The Elite Transformation Coaching Method became my secret weapon in helping my clients in a way I never dreamed of. Last month was my 3rd month clearing 10K and I have a waiting list for my VIP Program" -Emma K.

As a health coach, I know how frustrating it can be to build a highly profitable coaching business that feels truly holistic. If you're tired of not getting paid your worth or just want to increase your impact, transform more lives and become a better coach...click below

Benefits of The Elite Transformation Academy:

  • Expert Coaching:

    Access to industry-leading coaches and mentors in holistic health, business, and personal development.

  • Cutting-edge Resources:

    Stay ahead with the latest tools, including ai, growth strategies, and cutting edge science in holistic life extension and transformation.

  • Supportive Community:

    Join a dynamic community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and shared success.

  • Customized Training Programs:

    Tailored coaching and resources to meet individual needs and aspirations.

  • Life-Changing Transformations:

    Witness and be a part of life-altering transformations in health, business, and personal life.

The E.T.A.'s Coaching Methodology & Philosophy:

The Elite Transformational Coaching Method: Inspired by behavioral psychology and the philosophy that health is not just a set of actions but an integral part of one's identity, adds a unique dimension to the transformation process.

Who is the The Elite Transformation Academy for?

The E.T.A. is for the Health Coach or Health Practitioner with the desire to help their community on a more profound and deeper level providing a complete holistic transformation to their clients and get paid their worth.

As a health coach, I know how frustrating it can be to build a highly profitable coaching business that feels truly holistic. If you're tired of not getting paid your worth or just want to increase your impact, transform more lives and become a better coach...click below

Dr. Celina has earned the distinction of being selected as a

Top Wellness Coach by Coachfoundation.com

About Your Coach & Mentor

Dr. Celina - Holistic Life Coach, Masters ProAm Bodybuilder and Olympic Silver Medalist turned Holistic Business Success Coach

Celina Pizarro, is a dynamic force in the health coaching world.

With a Dr. of Philosophy, LHD, Bachelors of Science in Health Informatics and a 20-year behavioral healthcare background, she has helped thousands of people transform their health & wellbeing.

Celina also holds multiple certifications, including Registered Health Information Administrator, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Mind-Body Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Personal Trainer and Herbalist.

Her journey to success as a Holistic Health Coach wasn't without its challenges. Celina faced the harsh reality of financial struggles, experiencing negative balances and questioning the possibility of a thriving coaching business. However, a 5 question client intake lead to a breakthrough into consistent 5-figure months.

Passionate about helping others in the coaching realm, Celina is on a mission to ensure health coaches are paid their worth. This commitment is evident in the offer of 5 free "Success Sessions" for coaches struggling with low-income challenges.

In Celina's career, numerous accomplishments, including FHIMA's Professional of the Year, Empress Magazine's She Boss of the Quarter, 3 X Internationally Published Author showcase the dedication and impact made. Known for her magnetic personality and the light behind the GLOWBoss Method, Celina's influence extends beyond personal success to guiding other coaches in their transformative journeys.

Celina's the commitment to making a difference extends beyond the coaching realm, contributing positively to the Appalachian Mountain community.

Celina, with her empathetic, warm yet straightforward approach is not just a coach; Celina is a beacon of inspiration, offering practical tools for starting and scaling online businesses, all while embracing the woo, outdoorsy, yogi essence of life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Elite Transformation Academy unique compared to other coaching programs?

A: The Elite Transformation Academy stands out through its holistic approach, combining mindset mastery, proven coaching techniques, and business strategies. Our program is designed to empower health coaches not only in their professional skills but also in building a sustainable and financially rewarding coaching business.

Q: How does the Elite Transformation Academy assist in building a supportive network for health coaches?

Graduates of the program not only become part of an exclusive community, gaining access to ongoing support, they have access to exclusive networking opportunities, and collaborative engagements. Additionally, we offer resources for continued learning, ensuring that health coaches stay updated on industry trends and continuously enhance their holistic transformation coaching mastery.

Q: What ongoing resources and support are available to graduates of the Elite Transformation Academy program?

The program emphasizes community engagement and networking in a coaching ecosystem. Health coaches will learn strategies for building a supportive network, identifying collaborative opportunities, and thriving within a community of like-minded professionals.

Be Elite

Our Purpose:

Empowering health coaches to unlock their full potential and achieve transformative success in health, business, and life.

Our Mission:

To provide a holistic and cutting-edge educational platform that fosters personal and professional growth through installing holistic mind-body connection, expert coaching, practical tools, and a supportive community.

2024 Goals:

  • Empowerment

  • Empower the individuals to take control of their health, business, and overall well-being.


  • Facilitate transformative journeys by offering top-notch coaching and resources.


  • Build a thriving community of like-minded individuals committed to growth and excellence.


  • Stay at the forefront of education, integrating the latest insights and methodologies.

Why The E.T.A.?:

My own near death experience from an adult onset food allergy nearly 10 years ago at the height of corporate healthcare career, lead me to my own holistic rediscovery and eventual holistic health coaching path. Over the last decade I’ve helped 1000s of lives personally, but my vision is to inspire and support other health coaches in a worldwide holistic health revolution that will bring unprecedented success and fulfillment in the healing communities from the inside out with the Elite Transformation Academy Coaching Certification.



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